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How To Plan An Entire Flower Season in 5 Minutes Flat



Imagining all the flowers I'm going to grow has me like...

Then I remember that THIS HAPPENED

just last week 🤦‍♀️

(True story).


The reality of growing flowers (especially for profit) is, ahem, QUITE a bit messier than IG would lead one to believe.

At the end of the day

all of the blood, sweat and tears

leave me feeling a bit depressed, which brings us to THIS:

a game I like to call…


(flower farm style)

Trays full of baby flowers nestled in their freshly prepped garden beds.


Weed the larkspur only to discover that what you thought was larkspur was actually ragweed and you must have pulled every single legitimate larkspur seedling, leaving only allergies and tears in its wake.

Row after row of flowers continuously in bloom. 


Running out of flowers the last two weeks of June because NOTHING is blooming. To the point where I have to turn people away (or pretend to go on vacation). Everything looks barren and I’m missing out on $$. 

Sipping tea on the front porch after a day’s work, admiring  perfectly manicured beds.


Crashing into bed at 11:45 pm, only to have to wake up at 5:30 the next morning to harvest flowers before the heat. 

I realized I was looking at it all wrong..

…I didn’t need to spend more time imagining what I wanted to happen, I needed HELP. That’s when I came up with the plan to grow method that does the hard work for me!

Meet your new best friend…



I came up with a comprehensive planning system – that is now automatic! The Flower Assistant is an online flower planting calculator that plans everything you need to do to grow flowers (so that you can spend your winter binging Netflix instead of drowning in seed catalogs and spreadsheets). 


Feature #1: Automatic Planting Calculator

Generate all of your planting dates with a click of a button!

The Flower Assistant’s Automatic Planting Calculator takes a huge load off of your mental stress (and saves you $ in dead plants) by doing the planning for you.

You get:

+ the right dates to plant all of your flowers

+ hours of valuable time back (no more late nights searching Facebook groups for answers)

Feature #2: 40 Pre-filled Flower Stats

The BEST cut flowers to grow (that are also easy to start from seed)!

40 flower varieties and their necessary planting dates. The Flower Assistant already has all of this data formatted in its calculations!

You get:
+ to rest easy (and stop the mental hamster wheel) knowing that your flowers will be able to withstand whatever the weather throws at them.
+ a single source of valuable information (no more scouring random books to find spacing for lisianthus) 

Feature #3: Personal Project Planner

Make your planner work for you!

Custom controls in the flower assistant means you can make your plans fit your life! Just the way it should be.

You get:
+ complete personalization so that you can add in specific dates.
+ weekly & monthly checklists
+ a custom 2021 calendar

Basically, it’s everything you didn’t know you wanted and exactly what you need to make 2021 da’ (Yes, I AM extremely sleep deprived while writing this. Thank you for noticing. I still think you should buy it despite the terrible early 2000’s references to things like the 

Wait! We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The Flower Assistant is…


You can request for more flower varieties.  


You are ready to get planning ASAP! No more scrolling through endless books, the Flower Assistant comes with 40 varieties and their data pre-programed, but everyone knows there are WAY more flowers than that that we all should be growing 🤣🌷✔ If you want new flower varieties added – no problem! Simply submit a form and we’ll get you set up and growing. 

Change the transplanting and direct seeding time periods.


You can make a plan that works for your season and microclimate. No two farms are exactly the same! 

Plan for personal events (including Aunt Tilda’s🎂🥳💃)


You can be sure you’re there for all of the important stuff


you also get these bonuses!

Succession Generator

The Spreadsheet that started it all – the Succession Planting generator will calculate all of your succession plantings just like the Flower Assistant – but you get to see the magic at work!

(Value $37)

Yearly Growing Tasks Class

This class (taken from The Flower Farm Planner Course) is all about helping you choose which tasks to focus on. You’ll get more than your money’s worth with this class alone! 

(Value $77)

Fall Planting Planner

Will delphinium overwinter where you live? Now you know! This workbook goes into how hardy different flower varieties are based on USDA zones. 

(Value $27)

Growing Cut Flowers For Beginners PDF

If you don’t even know where to begin or what succession planting is – this pdf will walk you through all the details so you can get growing asap!

(Value $17)


Flower Assistant Planning Workshop

Join a live Flower Assistant training call where not only will we answer any questions – we’ll all get our 2021 flower plans done together! 

(Value $97)

Peony Planting Minicourse

Finally plant all of the peonies you’ve been dreaming of! This course will walk you through which varieties to choose and how to harvest them so they last as long as possible!

(Value $77)

Don’t just take my word for it…


(celebrating YOUR SUCCESS is my favorite part ❤)


Automatic Planting Calculator ($97 value)

Succession Planting Generator ($37 value)

Yearly Growing Tasks Class ($77 value)

Fall Planting Planner ($27 value)


BONUS: Cut Flowers For Beginners PDF. ($17 value) 

BONUS: Peony Growing + Harvesting Mini Course ($77 value) 

BONUS: Flower Assistant Planning Workshop ($47 value) 




This Deal Won’t Be Around Forever.

With all the money you’ve invested in your flowers, don’t you want to time you spend to reflect your investment? Many aspirational flower growers buy seed after seed, only to lose the packets, plant too few plants, or they simply never get around to preparing their beds and planting. 

It’s easy, especially in times like #2020 to let the things we really want to do pass us by. It’s easy to buy supplies, but never use them. It’s easy to binge Netflix, show after show, sitting in all of the things that are wrong rather than taking a stand and doing the steps that will make a difference. 

No, flowers probably won’t change the world this year, but they will change your perspective on it. The Flower Assistant is here so you don’t have to go it alone anymore.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Flower Assistant, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, flower farmer’s honor.


How long will it take me to use the Flower Assistant. 


It’s so fast, especially if you are using the pre-set values.

If you want to add in more custom options it might take you a little longer. This is one of the reasons we’ll be having a live workshop, so that we can plan 2021 together! 

If I use the Flower Assistant, how can you guarantee it will work for my climate?


The Flower Assistant is based on published research and growing information.

You can find your last and first frost dates with a Google search. Then you add them to the Flower Assistant’s Planting Calculator and get a personalized calendar.

All that being said, none of this will guarantee a certain flower variety will work for your microclimate. For instance, did you know that gypsophila (aka Baby’s Breath) doesn’t like acidic soil? It can handle alkaline soil, sandy soil, clay soil, but not acidic. The perennial variety is hardy up to USDA zone 3!

I so wish it were possible to add all of the seemingly minor nuances that go into the art and craft of growing flowers into the Flower Assistant, but it’s just not possible yet. Maybe we can make an iRobot version at some point 😉

I am brand new to growing flowers, do you have any resources to help me understand what all of this means! I’ve never even heard of “succession planting” or “hardy flowers!”


Yes! I’ve actually created two different pdfs to help you with the basics, both of which are available on the homepage of my website and inside the flower assistant’s membership! I know how absolutely confusing all of this can be, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ask in the Grow Flowers group. I’m a firm believer that there are no dumb questions!

What if I buy the Flower Assistant and it doesn’t work for me, do you offer refunds?


Yes! No questions asked. 

I currently follow a lunar calendar, does the Flower Assistant take the moon cycles into its calculations? 


So many people plant according to the moon cycle! I love it. But I also do not understand how it works one iota. It’s on my list of things to learn, I just haven’t dedicated the time to it yet. Hopefully I can figure it out and see if there is a way to add it into the flower assistant soon!

What is your stance on BLM and diversity? I do not feel comfortable supporting any companies or people that aren’t willing to take a stand on these issues.


So, I am very privileged, and very (very) white. And I’m not going to start spewing out any virtue signaling or saying, ‘I’m doing xyz, because I’m NOT racist, yay me!” Mostly because, one, BARF. And two, I honestly don’t know how to dismantle systematic racism. It’s everywhere.

What we can do (“we” meaning white peeps)  is have honest to God conversations with our friends and families and work on our hearts (and laws!).

That all being said, if your spending budget for the rest of the month is $27, and you have to choose where to spend your money, then please, please, PLEASE give it to someone who is not me. Give it to the man without a home at the end of the street, or buy a toy for your kid for Christmas, and then send me an email and we can figure out a situation.

I want you to be able to access the Flower Assistant but I want people’s bellies to be full and their clothes to be dry more. Times are hard. Very hard, especially, for people who don’t look like me.

How do I access the actual calendar and checklists? Is it a pdf? Or does it get sent to me in the mail?


At the very bottom of the page of the Flower Assistant there’s a button you’ll click to generate your calendar. It creates a pdf that you can print from home. You’ll be able to choose a black and white version or full color. You can also add on a printed spiral bound copy when you checkout!

How long do I get access to the Flower Assistant after purchase?


By buying now you are purchasing a subscription for the entire 2021 year. That works out to approximately $2.25 cents per month! Normally this is where most sales page writers would point out that $2.25 is less than a cup of coffee (OMG), but I am not that creative and will refrain from doing so. Also, I am not up to date on how much coffee costs.

Taking the limitations, the everyday struggles, the weeds and the messes, and choosing to move forward with grit and determination, that’s true beauty. That’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 


 I’ll never forget the day one of my CSA customers came to visit my flower field. “Wow,” she said, “you have no idea how much better it makes me feel that your flower beds have weeds just like mine. And yet, you can still create beautiful arrangements despite the weeds.” 

You can choose to delight in the process of growing beauty from a tiny seed or you can choose to constantly strive for A PERFECTION that simply isn’t ATTAINABLE. 

The Flower Assistant is about giving you a plan, a path, a checklist of planting dates and tasks to focus on and when to do them, without any guilt or wishing for someone else’s life. 

The most beautiful flowers are those you grow yourself. 



Automatic Planting Calculator ($97 value)

Succession Planting Generator ($37 value)

Yearly Growing Tasks Class ($77 value)

Fall Planting Planner ($27 value)


BONUS: Cut Flowers For Beginners PDF. ($17 value) 

BONUS: Peony Growing + Harvesting Mini Course ($77 value) 

BONUS: Flower Assistant Planning Workshop ($47 value) 




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